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Synthetic Core 88, a collaborative effort by visual artist Drew Wise and EQUIP.

Synthetic Core 88

(Yetee Records, 2018)

Art, characters, and story by Drew Wise.

31XX. Flora awakens.

Memories of a distant past feel like bygone dreams. Welcome to NEW GAIA.

Resistance to the mechanical zealot order is futile...

Unless you have a little help from a ghost.

Released on 12" picture disc/clear vinyl via Yetee Records.



I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky 

(100% Electronica, 2016)

Art by Keith Rankin.

The Palace In The Sky. Described only in myth.

Inside, your deepest desires are brought to reality. Some seek riches, fame, lost loves. Others seek themselves. Some say it only appears in dreams.

Getting there isn't your biggest problem. Try getting out.


Released on 2XLP color vinyl via 100% Electronica.


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Alchemist's C-o-r-r-i-d-o-r

appears on DOOM MIX VOL. III (Doom Trip Records, 2019)

Ubiquitous Los Angeles based label DOOM TRIP have been cherry picking only the best specimens from the underground and giving them the platforms they deserve since 2016.

The Doom Mix Series returns with the biggest and most berserk volume to date. Feat. Eartheater, Swan Meat, Nmesh, Vinyl Williams, Mukqs, TALsounds + more, the artists on this album represent record labels including PAN, Orange Milk, Hausu Mountain, Bala Club, 100% Electronica, Doom Trip, and more.


Oneironaut (End Credits)

appears on Oneironaut (Local Visions, 2019)

"Oneironautics [ə.neɪ.roʊ.nɔː.tɪks] refers to the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis. Such a traveler in a dream may be called an oneironaut."

Hard to believe that Izumo, Japan based label Local Visions launched only about a year ago, with the fantastic "Megadrive" compilation. A dozen and a half releases later, they have established themselves as the premiere label for city pop revival and post-vapor curios. Their second compilation, "Oneironaut," explores themes of hypnogogia and lucid dreaming.


Course Map Select BGM (Main theme from "Star Fox)

appears on Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions (Yetee Records/Materia Collective 2019)

A limited edition compilation created for MAGFest 2019. Featuring Star Fox cover songs by Smooth McGroove, EQUIP, R23X, Saskcrotch, Jackson Parodi, and Slime Girls! Lenticular cover design Drew Wise. Curated, mastered, and arranged by Marc Junker (aka R23X).


Narita Airport's History

appears on All Our Asias OST (Sean Han Tani, 2018)

All Our Asias is a free to play surreal, lo-fi, 3D adventure from the co-creator of Anodyne about a father, son, Asian-America, and race.
Control Yuito and explore his dying father's Memory World - supernatural landscapes where you can explore his father's experiences and secrets.